Right Angle

You Go Girl!

Teen girl makes the boys’ football team, and Bill Whittle — who has railed against boys playing girls’ sports, and vice versa — acts like

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Time for a Raise?

Inmates in 17 states go on strike for higher wages among other grievances. Scott Ott leads Bill Whittle and Stephen Green to consider whether slave

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We CAN Go Back Again

How fast our society is descending is tough to measure…until you see something like this. Bill Whittle leads Stephen Green and Scott Ott to explore

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Here Comes Trouble

The South African government begins confiscating land from white people. Stephen Green looks at the land of the vicious pendulum, and asks ‘What would Mandela

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How Are We Doing?

Echoing NY Mayor Ed Koch’s famous question, Stephen Green asks “How are we doing?” as a nation. Could this episode of Right Angle be the

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