Right Angle

Michael Moore: What a Guy!

The socialist documentarist with the big heart always fights for the little guy — unless he owes money to the little guy who helped him

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6,210 Days Later

How have we changed in the days since that Tuesday when evil thundered from a clear blue sky? Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green

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Is This Infringement?

A lesbian couple paints their fence, then their house, with the rainbow flag to counter their neighbor’s alleged “homophobia.” But do you have the right

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Suicide: Don’t Do It.

A man rents a handgun at a range, and shoots himself. Bill Whittle was at that range when that happened last week. It sparked this

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Pay Raise for Bureaucrats?

President Trump told Congress he’s cancelling the scheduled 2.1% civilian federal government pay raise for 2019. But will Republicans in Congress approve? Scott Ott joins

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Nike Just Blew It.

Does jumping on the social justice warrior bandwagon lead to corporate suicide? Nike becomes the latest to curry favor with the Left by offending a

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