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Culture Clash: Pensacola Shooter Felt Bullied by "Pornstache" Nickname

Culture Clash: Pensacola Shooter Felt Bullied by “Pornstache” Nickname

The Saudi aviation student who opened fire at Pensacola Naval Air Station, murdering three U.S. sailors and wounding eight, had posted a short manifesto on Twitter decrying the actions of the “crusaders” — the United States and Israel — and encouraging jihad. But this episode of Right Angle focuses an a smaller aspect of the story — the shooter’s reaction to being dubbed “pornstache” by an instructor.

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Impeach Trump: The Democrat Party's 2020 Election Concession Speech

Impeach Trump: The Democrat Party’s 2020 Election Concession Speech

Bill Whittle thinks he now understands why Democrats continue to pursue their Quixotic impeachment dream. It’s the Democrat Party’s 2020 election concession speech. They know they can’t convict or remove him from office, and they know they can’t beat him in November. Why do you think they continue down this path?

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New Trump Homeland Power to Grab Your Photo Entering or Leaving USA

The Trump administration proposes to grab your photo anytime you enter or leave the USA. This new power comes at a time when China builds facial profiles from DNA samples to target ‘dangerous’ minorities, your phone makes a 3-D map of your face, and Edward Snowden’s new book — Permanent Record — shows how the NSA sweeps up all data and stores it forever.

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