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90% Certainty: New A.I. Predicts Your Death by Heart Attack

90% Certainty: A.I. Predicts Your Death by Heart Attack

If new A.I. machine learning can predict your death by heart attack, do you want to know? This isn’t Robert Heinlein science fiction. Artificial intelligence can now evaluate 85 factors and formulate a heart-attack and death prediction for the next few years that’s about 90 percent accurate.

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The Shadow War Against the USA: Russia Active on Land, Sea, Space & Cyber

“The Shadow War” Against the USA: Russia Active on Land, Sea, Space & Cyber

A new book by CNN national security reporter Jim Sciutto chronicles “The Shadow War” conducted by Russia against the USA. Active on land, and sea, in space and cyber, Vladimir Putin is already on a war-footing toward the United States. Will President Trump and the American public understand the roots of Russian hostility in time to save both countries?

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CNN Crisis: With Ratings Plunge and Staff Purge, Can it Survive?

As Nielsen chronicles the CNN ratings plunge, and headlines document the CNN staff purge, what options are left for the pioneer in 24-hour cable news? Will it survive by a resort to actual journalism, or will it continue to follow the mad-dog methods of MSNBC. Are we witnessing the final days of the Cable News Network?

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Jesus the Never-Trumper: Mayor Pete Declares God’s Political Preference

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a leading Democratic candidate for president and professing Christian, usually declares: “God has no political party.” Yet recently he told NBC News that God’s political preference would NOT be the Republican Party in the Trump era. He also had harsh innuendo about Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith. What does this say about Mayor Pete’s character, his theology and his prospects as a 2020 presidential candidate?

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Poor Mistreated Uber Drivers Cry Out on Eve of $90 Billion IPO

As Uber stands at the doorstep of its initial public offering (IPO), Uber drivers cry out: “They treat us like crap!” If the face of your company complains to your customers that they’re poor and mistreated, why should investors pour $90 billion into an business that has vigorous competition from Lyft and others, and virtually no barrier to entry, since it’s essentially just an app? And what does this say about capitalism itself?

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Right Angle: Lightning Round XIX

Stephen Green’s copyrighted, patented, trademarked, artisinally-selected, steel-cut questions designed to surprise and delight Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and children of all ages. Ripped from the headlines of your digital news source…and we’re very sorry about the screen damage, but you knew the risk.

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