Bill Whittle Now

Moving the Goalpost on Kavanaugh

Once the FBI probe started, Democrats shifted focus from Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sex crimes, to questions about his youthful drinking habits. If he lied

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Is Media Bias Your Fault?

New survey says that Conservative readers trust The New York Times more when they don’t know they’re reading it, and Leftists believe FoxNews more when

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

New poll shows Democrats and Republicans alike hate the anger and division, and crave compromise and peace. Yet both also rage at the other side,

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When Bill Whittle Wanted to Quit

In this brief clip from Bill Whittle Now, Bill remembers his personal experience being attacked and falsely accused by Leftists. [:40 second clip] Watch the

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GOP Can’t Sell Candy to Children

Internal RNC poll says Republicans have lost the messaging battle on one their biggest accomplishments during the Trump administration. Most voters believe the GOP wants

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GOP Doomed to Victory?

The polls don’t look good for the GOP in the Congressional midterms, but a Texas Republican just claimed a State Senate seat that’s been warmed

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