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Trump's Huge Trade Deficit is Awesome

Trump Trade Deficit Breaks 10-Year Record: Why Not Declare Victory?

Donald Trump ran for president largely on a promise to reduce the trade deficit, specifically with China. But the new report shows a 10-year record high trade deficit. Why doesn’t President Trump admit that trade deficits are largely a fiction, and it’s his booming economy that makes a “really really great, huge one” possible?

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When Democrats Attack, Trump Gets Attackier

Politico notes that President Donald Trump’s strategy when Democrats attack, via numerous document demands and investigations, Trump gets attackier — refusing to turn over docs, and counter attacking with a vengeance. But doesn’t that just make him look guilty?

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Michael Cohen Speaks, but Who Believes Former Trump Fixer’s Damning Testimony

Longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen tells the House Oversight Committee that President Donald Trump is a conman, liar and racist who broke campaign finance law by paying hush money to prostitutes. Republican lawmakers did nothing but challenge Cohen’s credibility. Did they miss an opportunity to challenge his facts during his damning testimony?

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Big GOP Donors Say 2020 Trump Campaign Has No Plan to Win…Them

Politico reports that big GOP donors complain the 2020 Trump reelection campaign has no plan to win them, or for that matter, to win several Rust Belt states. Can the President really “soar to reelection” on the strength of his record without the major establishment givers and bundlers?

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AR-15s and High-Tech Gear: School Safety Texas Style

AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, facial recognition systems, RFID tracking chips and other high-tech gear form the first line of defense against mass shootings in Texas City, Texas, schools. The district hired a former Secret Service agent to run security after the Santa Fe school shooting, and local voters approved a $6.5 million bond issue to pay for it. But how much is too much when it comes to school security?

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It’s a Trap! 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries Threaten Gun Rights

Counties in New Mexico and elsewhere joining the 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement to escape stricter gun control from state lawmakers, have unintentionally fallen into a trap set by Progressives. Bill Whittle makes the connection between these well-intentioned efforts and so-called “free speech zones.”

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California Trims High-Speed Rail: Trump Wants Federal Money Back

California Gov. Gavin Newsom trimmed the scope of the high-speed rail venture, so President Donald Trump wants some $3.5 billion in federal money back that was designated for the project. Newsom says it’s retaliation for 16-state lawsuit against Trump’s national emergency declaration to build the border wall.

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Survey Says: Taxes and Regulation Bleed Blue States, Pump Up Red

New interstate migration survey from the U.S. Census Bureau says high taxes and regulation bleed Blue states, pump up Red. Americans flee high rates of both to live where they can keep more of their own money and be left alone. The migration changes the electoral map. More empirical proof that Conservative principles work…if fleeing Democrats will change their old voting habits.

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