Can First Openly-Transgender Cheerleader Turn Carolina Panthers into NFL Winners?

Stephen Green’s Right Angle Lightning Round assaults Scott Ott and Bill Whittle, in the best tradition of ambush journalism, with top and bottom stories of the week.

Topics include…

  • When Elon Musk tells staff that he’s quite concerned about the direction of the economy, President Biden mocks Musk — “lots of luck on his trip to the moon”.
  • WaPo meltdown continues, as reporters (Dave Weigel and Taylor Lorenz) re-tweet themselves into disciplinary suspensions.
  • The European Union slaps a tax on aviation fuel to fight climate change, but exempts ‘business aviation’ and other private flights, which are the most inefficient use of fuel on a gallons/mile basis.
  • Will Carolina Panthers appointing the first openly-transgender cheerleader pull the actual football squad out of the doldrums of athletic mediocrity measured in the antiquated terms of wins and losses?
  • The 78th anniversary of D-Day, spurs the White House to issue a somewhat belated Tweet. But the respect of the Biden Administration for the sacrifice for our troops pales in comparison to that of the French people who observe a unique annual tribute to the men and women of Operation Overlord.

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