Band of Others: Born-Male Trans Must Register for Draft, Why Not Their Born-Female ‘Brothers’?

Steve Green’s Lightning Round ambushes unsuspecting colleagues with top (and bottom) stories of the week to get their hottest takes. We want to hear yours in the comments below.

Topics this time include…

00:30 Transgender people born male must register for the Selective Service, and those born female do not. Is this a hypocritical double-standard?

03:32 Sen. Ralph Warnock’s church pays for his home ($7,400/month housing allowance) and also owns a low-income apartment building from which it tried to evict several renters during the pandemic, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon based on public records.

05:40 New York University (NYU) fires an organic chemistry professor because students said his class was too difficult. The students are preparing to be medical doctors.

08:17 Data show that Americans don’t want to move to New Jersey, California, Illinois, New York and Connecticut. What do these states have in common?

10:36 U.S. Space Force’s Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) will hunt foreign spacecraft, debris, and astronomical objects of interest. When you combine DART with SST, you have the baby steps toward a real planetary defense. 

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