B-52 Bombers Offer Message to Putin, While COVID-19 Kills KFC Finger-Lickin’ Good

Stephen Green ambushes Bill Whittle and Scott Ott with his artisanally-selected headlines in the latest installment of Right Angle Lightning Round. Headlines include…

00:50 Six U.S. B-52 strategic bombers fly over all 30 NATO nations to send a signal to Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

04:39 COVID-19 shuts down KFC Finger-Lickin’ Good slogan after 64 years.

06:40 First night of Republican National Convention watched by six times more viewers than initially watched DNC.

09:14 Antifa woman paints swastikas and anti-Semitic images on University Heights, Ohio, businesses.

10:31 U-Haul from Brooklyn to Chapel Hill, NC, costs $2,603. The return trip? $492. Byron York documents the flight from Democrat zones to (actual) America.

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